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I still love to watch and forecast Utah weather and will continue to update the Utah Weather Cams, Utah Weather Links, and Climate Change pages but will no longer post on a regular basis. I'm spending more time enjoying Utah snow skiing, cycling, hiking, and water skiing.

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Climate Change

I think cosmic rays are the real cause of climate change. I agree there has been some warming (around 1 degree C) due to human activity like deforestation and urbanization but the biggest impact on climate looks to be from the amount of cosmic rays reaching the earths atmosphere. 

Cosmic rays ionize the atmosphere which water droplets then condense on. A decrease in cosmic rays will lead to less ions for water droplets to condense on and a reduction in cloud cover, less clouds allow for more heating of the earth. A increase in cosmic rays will lead to more ions for water droplets to condense on and a increase in cloud cover, more clouds allow for more cooling of the earth. The amount of cosmic rays that reach the earths atmosphere are mostly determined by the earths magnetic field. The two main things that change the earth magnetic field, and what I and many others believe are the real drivers to climate change, are Milankovitch orbital cycles and Sunspot activity.

The only computer models that have been able to go back and time and successfully forecast global warming/cooling have been based on Milankovitch orbital cycles and Sunspot activity, NOT CO2.  CO2 has long been a theory of climate change, increased CO2 in the atmosphere has been shown to follow the warming rather than drive it.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    I read your exchange of climate-change related posts in the SL Trib the other day. While I agree with you, on the Trib boards you are casting pearls before swine.
    My lady and I are amateur geology enthusiasts and as such, recognize the truth in what you say.
    The tribune boards are filled with people who think more laws and government spending will solve everything, on all issues.
    Thanks for speaking the truth, even though it makes you a lightning rod.
    We love your site.
    I'm in my off-season, but will be sure to donate when I'm back to work in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support, truth with prevail in the end. Every day scientists are coming around to the fact that CO2 is not the cause of global warming and man has very little if any effect on climate. The likely cause of climate change is the various complicated earth/sun/solar system relationships that change the amount of the suns energy that reaches the earth.


    1. Yes there are those that don't agree and I encourage everyone to read both sides of the debate. My site links are for those that want to read about the less publicized articles that don't generate the hype and associated high ratings.

  3. Good list, thanks. I'm a meteorologist as well.