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I still love to watch and forecast Utah weather and will continue to update the Utah Weather Cams, Utah Weather Links, and Climate Change pages but will no longer post on a regular basis. I'm spending more time enjoying Utah snow skiing, cycling, hiking, and water skiing.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Large Statewide Storm

A large storm system is expected to move into Utah on Thursday and continue into the day on Saturday with temperatures cold enough for snow even in St George. Right now plan on a general 2-6" for the northern Utah valleys, 1-3" eastern Utah valleys and low desert valleys, 5-10" for the northern Utah benches (10-16" Bountiful bench to Olympus Cove), 3-8" for many west central/southern Utah valleys along I-15 from Nephi to Cedar City. Look for 8-18" of snow for most Utah mountains with 18-28"+ for the Cottonwoods and high Uinta's. Pictures below is model forecasted snow through 5am Sunday.


  1. Quite the storm coming in. Its almost been painful waiting for this as there was a strong signal on the model ensembles even 10 days ago. I am forecasting 4-8 inches as well. If you want to talk about this more with me and others you can join my weather forum,
    Good luck!! Nice blog btw

    1. I enjoy reading the January 2013 discussion thread but it's too bad there is no (original threads) in the last several months.

      KPTV weather blog is okay during stormy weather but it's mostly Mark centric where unless you talk about models you usually get either teased or ignored.

      I soon got disgusted at how newcomers like Karl Boomer or WeatherDan if he has reasonable belief we won't get snow were being treated there just for being different.

      I tried to change the behavior of the weather blog but failed.

    2. Either way the Western USA forum does have lots of potential. Did you know the forum was actually around in 2004 I think under a slightly different name?

  2. Hi. Thanks for making a blog in an area Mom grew up in.

    Me and my parents live near Salem Oregon and Mom has family of her side in Utah. She was born in Draper in the 60s when it was just a tiny farm town an hour from the city and the big freeways were not even thought of.

    Mom had family issues which we resolved in a visit in 2003 and Utah's Wastach mountains are one of the most beautiful places in the USA!

    We were all shocked at how big Draper was from the farm town she described though my parents once visited alone in the 1980s to research some family history which they hit a lot of dead ends and had a major miracle happen just as they were giving up.